Monday, May 13, 2013

Testing, testing...1......2.......3........

Climbing into the virtual attic and dusting off cobwebs.... Does this still work?? Testing, testing.........heeellllooooo there!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A bowl full of lemons.: May Silhouette Giveaway!!

A bowl full of lemons.: May Silhouette Giveaway!!: "Im so grateful to be able to give away Silhouette SD machines on my blog. This week, I am offering another chance at a giveaway! This set ..."

Monday, July 13, 2009

This just in....

Apparently Sal Bear has lost his voice!!! Avery is convinced that it is in the woods, but Jake is asking for prayers @ bedtime!
Thanks for your help! LOL!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A chapter ending

Avery graduated from preschool this year and is off to Kindergarten in the fall. She is so excited to ride the bus and be a big girl. So far, I am handling it fine, although, I can't believe how fast she is growing up!
We absolutely LOVED her preschool! Her teachers were kind, she learned a ton and they did such a great job not only teaching her ABC's and 123's but bible verses and stories that she can apply in living her life. I will really miss that part of her education as she transitions into a public school system. I wonder how to explain it to her, as it was her favorite part of learning every day?

Daddy's son

Last Christmas we were looking at the Fisher Price catalog and Jake's obsession started with motorized vehicles. He wanted the Lightning McQueen Speed race car soo badly and didn't understand why he couldn't have it RIGHT NOW! It was annoying yes, but at 2 1/2 it is hard to explain that you just don't go buy what you want, and it was too much money to spend on a car for a 2 year old. Not to mention the fact that it only rides one child. But also pretty sweet, because he really connects with "Speed" and thinks he is his best friend.

Common sense just did not work. So, when garage sale season started, I put the 2 best shoppers I know on notice... I need a motorized vehicle STAT!!!

We did not end up with the Lightning McQueen vehicle, but we have something to drive and he is Thrilled! They take their "kids" to the grocery, DisneyLand, drs. appointments, and of course to work! Good times had by all!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Avery picked a very boring & plain shirt today (for her) and when I asked her why she choose that one she said it was "because she NEEDS to wear her new sandals"... And so it begins......

After not doing Avery's hair exactly as she asked, she said "Oh man! Now no one is going to play with me!" Ha!

"Oh no, you never yet go, thru the snow, and thru the nose, Oh you never yet go of me" Avery's version of "You never let go of me" Ha!

Jake's Antics

I had to try not to laugh out loud the other day... Jake just clipped his tongue with a chip clip, even though I told him NO!!!... Poor guy! He had to have a popsicle to stop the bleeding!

I don't know which is sweeter the picture Avery drew for her pediatrician or the fact that Jake was physically pushing him off of her while he was giving her shots and screaming " DON'T YOU HURT MY VIVI!!!!!"

Weekend Wedding and a New Bike

On April 18th the kids and I went to London, KY for my cousin, Jarrod's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was great to see family I don't get to see that often.
The kids played in dirt & gravel, "hunted coyotes" and thanked Jesus for "doing such a great job on the beautiful mountains" It was so cute!
One thing that constantly amazes me is seeing all of the little cousins playing together like they never missed a day. I think it is one of my favorite things about this age. They are old enough to remember each other and the only thing on their minds are playing like crazy. It is so cool how even extended family shares a bond with each other, even at early ages. I really look forward to seeing them all grow up together and hope that they will always be as close as they are now.

When we got home from Kentucky, Daddy had put together Jake's new bike..A "Speed" bike of course! KaChow!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

From the mouth of Babes

Jake just found the treasure box from his pirate ship and said

"Mommy, I found a treasure, its for you!"

I said " Thanks Buddy, May I have it?"

He said " First I have to send it to the White House!"

Ha! I swear I haven't talked to him about taxes..... but from the mouths of babes!!!!

(in interest of honesty, this happened in June, but I am way behind and had to break up boring monthly updates)


This year was different for us due to the fact my dad was in the Philippines at the time. So instead of going to my parents like usual, the family went to their respective churches and Wanda and Larry hosted us for dinner after. We had the traditional yummy food, a great Easter egg hunt and a relaxing afternoon. It was a bit chilly and windy this year, but we had a great time!

The 2nd half of our NC trip

Since we had traveled sooo far, we couldn't go home without going to see Mike's side of the family in Wilmington, NC. Wanda and Larry were visiting there for a few weeks during the winter and so it was perfect timing to see everyone. We missed Mike being there with us, but all in all, a busy albeit fun trip! We stopped by the Fire Dept. where Andrea works and got up close to the Fire Trucks, we went to the Children's Museum there, which is small, but very charming and got to see their whole family! Fun times!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

March 09

March came and went pretty quickly in our house. With Spring fever setting in, my brother in law and I decided to surprise my sister for her birthday. So.. my Mom, sister in law Kris, nephew Kai, Avery, Jake and I loaded up the van and made another trip to North Carolina. The kids did really well and Julie was Shocked! Matthew had rearranged her schedule for the week, and taken the week off himself, so we had lots of fun times...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Early Wake up

1:49 am-
Jake whispers "Mommy, have you seen Sal anywhere?"
" Jake, you have to go back to bed!" I say, still sleeping.
" Mommy! Sal is missing!" he says through tears...
"I will find him buddy...."
Why was he awake @ 1:49 am looking for Sal? ( He had fallen behind the bed).
True love, I guess!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Baby is 3!

It is so hard for me to believe that my baby is 3! Every time I look in his dark blue eyes, I am reminded of how perfect God's timing is.
I have marveled at this before so, I will keep it short. After trying for a long time to have Avery, we didn't think that we could or would be having another any time soon. Then, just after her 1st birthday we found out that we were having another. When I shared the news and shock with my mom, she explained that even though I thought I had learned that it was all in God's timing, I apparently had not, due to the fact that I was so overwhelmed and confused on how exactly this had happened!
Jake is a sweet, loving, emotional guy who loves nothing in the world more than Avery, cars and trucks. He lets me see what Mike must have been like as a little boy (because they are so alike) and that is a wonderful treat for a wife to see. He looks at me like I hung the moon just for him (nothing is better than when he gently rubs my face and says "Mommy, you are so pretty!"). He absolutely adores Avery and will do whatever it takes to protect her. (I am not stretching here, he really does protect her and it is the sweetest thing I have ever experienced). He is generally quiet (content to let Avery have the spot light) kind, and funny. We have been truly blessed!
Happy Birthday, Jake-y! We love you!
Looking back, I am so thankful for God know exactly what we needed. Our family is so perfect for us right now, and who knows what is in store for us.

Feburary Fun...

Feburary was pretty uneventful for us, some nice days were mixed in with all of the snow and cold we were having. We went to the Bounce Zone with friends, spent alot of time at the gym, trying to "get healthy" as the kids say and had lots of Birthday parties to attend. Including Jake's. These pics are of the kids with their Valentine from Daddy, Jake playing his guitar, Avery pretending to be like Mommy and the kiddos smiling for Daddy's Valentine picture frame. Daddy wouldn't pose for a picture with his Valentine's gift.. I had tshirts made for us both mine saying "I love my husband" and his saying " I love my wife". He wears it proudly around the house, I can't imagine why he hasn't worn it outside of the house yet? He is a cheesy guy, but apparently not that cheesy! HA!

Janurary Blues

I know I am behind on posting, so I will do a few short posts to catch up!
January in Indiana was Cold and Long, and I found myself having a rough time keeping my chin up and having a good attitude. Only so many days in front of a fire not being able to leave the house is considered warm and cozy.

The week I remember the most was the week where 20 of our friends headed to Florida for a wedding the temp here was hovering around -12 without windchill and I was Grumpy to say the least. We had decided not to go, back in September and I was content with that until the weather set in. Then, Mike decided to try to go to Arizona for the Barret Jackson car show. I was NOT happy. I would love tell you that I encouraged him to go with a happy heart, but I am an honest person. I was really bummed and mean! By the time I gave myself a much needed attitude adjustment and sent him a text to tell him I was sorry and I hoped he had a good time, His flight had been cancelled!
I felt horrible! Now he was home, as I wished, to freeze slowly with me and the kids. I felt so badly. He handled it very well though and forgave me for my selfishness, thankfully. I still feel like a dunce for that one!

The rest of the month went pretty smoothly and Mike and Jake got to go to the Monster Truck Show, while Avery and I took the opportunity to have a Mommy Date. The pictures below are from that evening.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas @ the Good's

We were fortunate enough this year to host Christmas at our house! It was fantastic! I think the kids opened presents for 3 hours, we opened and put together everything as we went and played until they were ready for another one. Jake didn't really want to leave his new firehouse alone, and Avery was much more curious to see what was in all of the other packages, so needless to say, she was finished way before him. It was a great relaxing day @ home filled with family and love. Just how it should be!
We have spent the rest of the week spending time with extended family and friends. We fill so blessed to have such a large group of family who are continually invested in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for, not to mention the true meaning of this special season. Gods gift to us, his son, Jesus.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sal Bear

When Jake was 8 mos. old, my friend Amy and I were shopping at New York & Co. and she grabbed a $5 stuffed teddy bear for her daughter, Finley. I thought, "Hey that is really cute and soft" and I grabbed one too. I am telling you, AS SOON as I handed it to Jake he held him out, looked him in the eyes and promptly ate his nose. Since then, Sal as we call him... has never left his side. He goes everywhere with us, and Jake has NEVER slept without him.

Amy's daughter Finley, played with hers for a few minutes, and discarded it like most stuffed animals are, to the bottom of the toy box. So, I took it (yes, I asked and offered to pay)

So, for the past 2 yrs we have had 2 Sal's that I switch between, if I can't find one @ the moment, or it has been left @ Mamaw's, to wash him, etc. Jake has never seen them @ the same time, we acted like they were one in the same. We did notice when we swapped them, that Jake would look him in the eyes, smell him, and then hug the stuffing out of him. He even called the fluffier one "Fat Sal", although we never acknowledged the difference.

The other night when Mike took Jake to bed he said, "Daddy, this is fat Sal!"

Mike said, "Jake-y, thats Sal, we don't call him fat!"

Jake explained, "Daddy, I have 2 Sal's. This is fat Sal!"

Mike questioned him, " Jake, you only have 1 Sal!"

Jake, "No! You silly Daddy!"

Mike, "Then where is your other Sal?"

Jake laughed and said, " Mommy has him Daddy! In your closet!"

We thought it was very funny, never mentioned it again. And most importantly gave him no evidence! So on Sunday when we were trying to get them down for naps, we couldn't find Sal, so we relented and got out "backup Sal". Jake followed the same pattern, look him in the eyes, smell him, kiss him, and went to sleep.

Fast Foward to this evening.....

"Jake-y!!!" Avery yelled..."Look, I found Sal!!!!"

Jake "Avey?" (that's how he says her name) "Sal's right here!"

"No Jake!!! Here he is!!" Run, Run, Run.. "Uh-Oh!!! MOM! Jake found BOTH SALS!!!!!"

When Mike walked in, Jake ran to him, both Sals in hand and said "See Daddy! I told you I had 2 Sals!!!!"
The infamous Sal!

Oh well, the cats out of the bag (or bear, if you wish!). I hope Santa lasts longer! Do you think he'll notice the varying lengths of Santa's beard?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jake is Potty Trained!

I decided, in May, it was time to potty train Jake. Avery was 26 mos. when she started, so naturally, Jake should be too! HA! He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it, and when I asked him, he would run out of the room! So I patiently waited, and Finally! I am so excited! It has been a little under 2 weeks and he is good to go! No problem at all! YAY!

Thanksgiving fun!

Mom and Aggie- our chefs Our Thankful Turkey

We had a great time at Thanksgiving this year, Aunt Aggie hosted and we spent time playing with the kids, eating, watching football, etc.. Everything the holiday is about!
The next day we went shopping, an annual tradition with the girls! Much to Mom and Julie's chagrin we decided that we should hit Edinburgh at midnight. Mom is always up for such an adventure, but had been under the weather, Julie on the other hand somehow did not inherit the shopping gene that all of the ladies of our family posses. She kept saying, "Seriously, you don't think being home at 8 am is successful? That is 8 hours of shopping! ARE YOU KIDDING?" In her defense, she wasn't feeling all that well, but nonetheless, is not a marathon shopper like the rest of us.
After finally convincing her to go, we left at 9:30, and drove to Edinburgh. We were VERY pleased with our purchases there (Julie was in the car asleep by 2:30), and then we headed to Greenwood to have breakfast, at 3:30. We were @ Kohls at 4, Walmart at 5 and Meijer by 6. We are pros! We got home around 7:30, when Julie finally woke up. She had slept thru most of the night!
It was a great night followed by great naps, and lots of giggles along the way! I love Black Friday!!