Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sweet Moments

A couple of years ago, Mike and I heard a song by Tim McGraw named My Little Girl and decided that it was "daddy's song" to Avery. The kids love it, although we haven't really pushed the song on them, its just on a disc in our car. After a while, Jake started asking constantly for "daddy's song" to be played over and over again. It is just now that I realized that he actually thinks DADDY is singing the song. Yesterday, the intro started playing and he said," Mommy, why isn't he singing?"
I said, "He will!" when he started Jake yelled, "there's daddy!"
I said, "Honey, that isn't Daddy singing, it is Tim McGraw!"
He said, "Mommy, you silly! That is DADDY singing!"
Too funny! I will venture to say that we both wish Mike sang like Tim McGraw!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Being Thankful for Simple Things

Last night after the kids went to bed, I settled in and starting reading my bible study book. I really enjoy it as I mentioned in an earlier post.
The chapter I was reading was titled "I love smelly shoes". Huh? What was this? The author was teaching us to be thankful for everyday, small things that would usually irriate us. She was telling a story about how one day she was trying to do her own bible study, but she kept being distracted by the shoes laying around the room. She started counting them and realized there were 14 pair of shoes in the living room. With a heavy sigh, she got up and started picking them up. Soccer shoes, flip flops, ballet slippers, you name it. Suddenly she realized that she should, instead of frustrated her kids hadn't put them in the closet on their own, she should be thankful that she had strong, healthy kids who were able to play these sports, for the mud that they were healthy enough to be able to play in, for the dances they had done to scuff up the toes. She encouraged us to instead of being discouraged or frustrated the next time we are picking them up to pray over the feet of those who fill them. The next time you pick up a pair of men's loafers, pray for the large responsibility that rest on those feet.
I was feeling very touched and inspired, I looked around and thanked God for the airplanes, the dog toys, etc. and I went off to bed. Then, I walked in my room saw the clean sheets laying on the top of the bed and yelled, "Oh man!! I cannot believe I forgot to put the sheets on the bed!" I felt a little tug at my heart and said begrudgingly..."Thank you God, for a bed to sleep in and for clean sheets to snuggle up in!"
Timing is everything, Right?!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Avery's quote of the day

Avery has now gotten the aforementioned cold and when I went to her up from my in laws house this morning to take her to school, I realized she was running a slight fever. I told her that she wouldn't be going to school today because we didn't want the other kids to get sick. She was DEVASTATED!!! I couldn't understand why so,

I said, "Honey, why are you so upset? You know that you can't go to school when your sick!"
She said, "Mommy, I am the line leader today and all of those kids will not be able to go to recess if I'm not there! They will be so sad at me!!!!"

I have been drilled lately by her about when I met all of our friends, what our wedding was like etc. and this really just drilled home that kids truly have no concept of life without them. She then asks "where was I at your wedding?" or "where did I live while you were at college?" I simply say "You were a sparkle in my eye", somehow it works!

I bet most of us who are parents can't really imagine our lives without them either!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Sweetest Thing (Part 2)

We have had a nasty colds going around the past week or so and last night Jake was having a massive coughing fit around 12:30. So, before he was fully awake, I gave him some cough medicine and a sippy cup of cold water.
He briefly opened his eyes and said "That's yummy"
I said "What honey?"
He said "That's yummy water, Mommy" he then sat up and gave me the biggest kiss!
Then, right back to sleep.
Soo sweet! I cuddled up next to him and slept there all night!

Then today, we were on our way to my inlaws house when Avery, who notices EVERYTHING said
"Mommy, did you know that papaw isn't wearing his medicine bracelet any more? He's all better!"
I said, "I know, isn't God good?
She said, "Mommy, he is the goodest!"

I love this time in my life!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Today

We went to vote, stood in line for around an hour and it was over! The kids were patient and excited to help mommy vote!