Sunday, February 22, 2009

Janurary Blues

I know I am behind on posting, so I will do a few short posts to catch up!
January in Indiana was Cold and Long, and I found myself having a rough time keeping my chin up and having a good attitude. Only so many days in front of a fire not being able to leave the house is considered warm and cozy.

The week I remember the most was the week where 20 of our friends headed to Florida for a wedding the temp here was hovering around -12 without windchill and I was Grumpy to say the least. We had decided not to go, back in September and I was content with that until the weather set in. Then, Mike decided to try to go to Arizona for the Barret Jackson car show. I was NOT happy. I would love tell you that I encouraged him to go with a happy heart, but I am an honest person. I was really bummed and mean! By the time I gave myself a much needed attitude adjustment and sent him a text to tell him I was sorry and I hoped he had a good time, His flight had been cancelled!
I felt horrible! Now he was home, as I wished, to freeze slowly with me and the kids. I felt so badly. He handled it very well though and forgave me for my selfishness, thankfully. I still feel like a dunce for that one!

The rest of the month went pretty smoothly and Mike and Jake got to go to the Monster Truck Show, while Avery and I took the opportunity to have a Mommy Date. The pictures below are from that evening.

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