Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas @ the Good's

We were fortunate enough this year to host Christmas at our house! It was fantastic! I think the kids opened presents for 3 hours, we opened and put together everything as we went and played until they were ready for another one. Jake didn't really want to leave his new firehouse alone, and Avery was much more curious to see what was in all of the other packages, so needless to say, she was finished way before him. It was a great relaxing day @ home filled with family and love. Just how it should be!
We have spent the rest of the week spending time with extended family and friends. We fill so blessed to have such a large group of family who are continually invested in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for, not to mention the true meaning of this special season. Gods gift to us, his son, Jesus.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sal Bear

When Jake was 8 mos. old, my friend Amy and I were shopping at New York & Co. and she grabbed a $5 stuffed teddy bear for her daughter, Finley. I thought, "Hey that is really cute and soft" and I grabbed one too. I am telling you, AS SOON as I handed it to Jake he held him out, looked him in the eyes and promptly ate his nose. Since then, Sal as we call him... has never left his side. He goes everywhere with us, and Jake has NEVER slept without him.

Amy's daughter Finley, played with hers for a few minutes, and discarded it like most stuffed animals are, to the bottom of the toy box. So, I took it (yes, I asked and offered to pay)

So, for the past 2 yrs we have had 2 Sal's that I switch between, if I can't find one @ the moment, or it has been left @ Mamaw's, to wash him, etc. Jake has never seen them @ the same time, we acted like they were one in the same. We did notice when we swapped them, that Jake would look him in the eyes, smell him, and then hug the stuffing out of him. He even called the fluffier one "Fat Sal", although we never acknowledged the difference.

The other night when Mike took Jake to bed he said, "Daddy, this is fat Sal!"

Mike said, "Jake-y, thats Sal, we don't call him fat!"

Jake explained, "Daddy, I have 2 Sal's. This is fat Sal!"

Mike questioned him, " Jake, you only have 1 Sal!"

Jake, "No! You silly Daddy!"

Mike, "Then where is your other Sal?"

Jake laughed and said, " Mommy has him Daddy! In your closet!"

We thought it was very funny, never mentioned it again. And most importantly gave him no evidence! So on Sunday when we were trying to get them down for naps, we couldn't find Sal, so we relented and got out "backup Sal". Jake followed the same pattern, look him in the eyes, smell him, kiss him, and went to sleep.

Fast Foward to this evening.....

"Jake-y!!!" Avery yelled..."Look, I found Sal!!!!"

Jake "Avey?" (that's how he says her name) "Sal's right here!"

"No Jake!!! Here he is!!" Run, Run, Run.. "Uh-Oh!!! MOM! Jake found BOTH SALS!!!!!"

When Mike walked in, Jake ran to him, both Sals in hand and said "See Daddy! I told you I had 2 Sals!!!!"
The infamous Sal!

Oh well, the cats out of the bag (or bear, if you wish!). I hope Santa lasts longer! Do you think he'll notice the varying lengths of Santa's beard?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jake is Potty Trained!

I decided, in May, it was time to potty train Jake. Avery was 26 mos. when she started, so naturally, Jake should be too! HA! He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it, and when I asked him, he would run out of the room! So I patiently waited, and Finally! I am so excited! It has been a little under 2 weeks and he is good to go! No problem at all! YAY!

Thanksgiving fun!

Mom and Aggie- our chefs Our Thankful Turkey

We had a great time at Thanksgiving this year, Aunt Aggie hosted and we spent time playing with the kids, eating, watching football, etc.. Everything the holiday is about!
The next day we went shopping, an annual tradition with the girls! Much to Mom and Julie's chagrin we decided that we should hit Edinburgh at midnight. Mom is always up for such an adventure, but had been under the weather, Julie on the other hand somehow did not inherit the shopping gene that all of the ladies of our family posses. She kept saying, "Seriously, you don't think being home at 8 am is successful? That is 8 hours of shopping! ARE YOU KIDDING?" In her defense, she wasn't feeling all that well, but nonetheless, is not a marathon shopper like the rest of us.
After finally convincing her to go, we left at 9:30, and drove to Edinburgh. We were VERY pleased with our purchases there (Julie was in the car asleep by 2:30), and then we headed to Greenwood to have breakfast, at 3:30. We were @ Kohls at 4, Walmart at 5 and Meijer by 6. We are pros! We got home around 7:30, when Julie finally woke up. She had slept thru most of the night!
It was a great night followed by great naps, and lots of giggles along the way! I love Black Friday!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello friends!
As many of you may know, about 3 years ago, I decided to retire from my job as a hairdresser at DL Lowry Hairspa to stay at home with my kids. I have continued, to a very small degree, to style and care for close family members and friends’ hair while I have been at home.

Many of you have asked if I do hair at home, if I would be interested in doing yours, etc., over the years and my response has always been less than responsive. Know that the reason has never been out of lack of confidence or willingness to do so, but rather out of uneasiness of propitiating the image of a kitchen sink hairdresser. I have always been proud of being a stylist. Enjoyed the fashion industry and thoroughly enjoyed making people feeling like great about themselves. I love having a relaxing space for people to go where it is all about them. Giving my clients a short time of peace and quiet where the only thing for them to do is sit back and enjoy. Allow it to be, if only for a few moments, all about them.

In saying all of that, I have now been presented with a unique opportunity to share in a booth rent space in Carmel at Halo Salon. This really seems like a great opportunity for me to dip my feet back into the industry that I have been in for so many years, so that I can work a little and still be at home with my kids the majority of the time. With that being said, I am sending this to you to let you all know that I will have time in an actual salon (no more kitchen sink hair!) I hope that you will join me there if you’d like, or if not, refer people to me that are looking for someone new for themselves.

My tentative price list is as follows:
· Haircut (wash, blow dry, style) - $35
· Color or Highlight- $50
· Foils added w/ color- $5.00/foil
· Kids cuts-$17
· Men’s cut- $25

You can schedule @ 414-9391 or email me @