Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving fun!

Mom and Aggie- our chefs Our Thankful Turkey

We had a great time at Thanksgiving this year, Aunt Aggie hosted and we spent time playing with the kids, eating, watching football, etc.. Everything the holiday is about!
The next day we went shopping, an annual tradition with the girls! Much to Mom and Julie's chagrin we decided that we should hit Edinburgh at midnight. Mom is always up for such an adventure, but had been under the weather, Julie on the other hand somehow did not inherit the shopping gene that all of the ladies of our family posses. She kept saying, "Seriously, you don't think being home at 8 am is successful? That is 8 hours of shopping! ARE YOU KIDDING?" In her defense, she wasn't feeling all that well, but nonetheless, is not a marathon shopper like the rest of us.
After finally convincing her to go, we left at 9:30, and drove to Edinburgh. We were VERY pleased with our purchases there (Julie was in the car asleep by 2:30), and then we headed to Greenwood to have breakfast, at 3:30. We were @ Kohls at 4, Walmart at 5 and Meijer by 6. We are pros! We got home around 7:30, when Julie finally woke up. She had slept thru most of the night!
It was a great night followed by great naps, and lots of giggles along the way! I love Black Friday!!

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Krystal said...

Boy, you guys ARE professionals!

I've found some really good sales this year, too... but most of them have been online - eBay,, etc.

Happy Holidays! :)