Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The funniest thing

Jake to me: "Mommy, you watering the flowers?"
Me: "Yes, Jakey"
Jake: "You Jesus Mommy?"
Me: "What?!!"
Jake "Jesus waters the flowers Mommy. You Jesus?"

How funny! I guess a 2 year old does get it!

Avery's Birthday

We had a great weekend celebrating Avery's 4th birthday. We started out @ the PBS in the park with Nana and Pop, Uncle Bubby and Kai Guy, and Mamaw and Papaw. It was a perfect day! Then on Sunday we had a birthday dinner and cake and Avery and Jake got a puppy!! They were sooo excited! He is really a great puppy! On Monday we had some of Avery's friends over for a party and a great time was had by all!!
I can't believe that Avery is 4 years old! Although she acts around 30 most of the time, it seems like yesterday that I was really questioning whether I would ever be able to get pregnant! God needed me to learn that everything is in his time. I thought that I had learned that lesson, until I unexpectedly got pregnant with Jake. I remember telling my mom, as I was in complete shock, that I had already been taught that lesson, she said "Apparently not!" You were right mom! God had the perfect plan for our family and I could not be more blessed. I wonder what the rest is? I know, I know, patience and trust! I am just nosey!
Avery is such a special little girl, filled with love and joy. She is the most nurturing little one I have ever seen. Papaw calls her his little nurse, because she is always making sure he has on his medical ID bracelet, that he has taken his blood pressure, his medicine and more. She is constantly chattering and although it often drives me crazy, her thirst for information is amazing. Often it is not trivial, things like "Why did Zacheous hide in the tree from Jesus mommy?", "How does Jesus keep us safe?" , "Why can't I go to heaven and meet pop's daddy?", or "Is mamaw Jones still in that chair in heaven?" Complicated questions from a complicated girl. Truly a gift from God!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Time

We have been busier than usual this month with lots of birthdays, a spur of the moment trip to Cincinnati, the Great Wolf Lodge and Kings Island and father's day! For those of you who haven't been to Great Wolf Lodge it is a family friendly water park/hotel right next to Kings Island! A great time! Thanks for planning a fun trip honey!
Avery started gymnastics last week and she loves it!! It has been really great to see her so excited about it, and I love nothing more to hear her tell me her favorite parts.. "all of it!!" She is the most animated little girl I have ever known. She tries to talk to us just like an adult. It makes for really fun conversations with her hands waving and grown up animations. Just soo cute! Next week is her birthday so we will be updating with lots of pictures soon!
Jake is doing great, talking a TON, growing up very quickly and starting to show us his temper tantrums! Whew! He perfected them quickly!
Just as one child gets thru one stage, the other starts one. The joy of parenting!
We are looking forward to a fun summer with them both!
Have a good night!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Before I start this story, I will say, for the record, that there were 3 adults and 2 children that witnessed this event. Last Thursday Wanda, the kids and I went to Avon to visit my Aunt and cousins. While at lunch this is what happened:
Jake gets off of his seat and while I am in the middle of telling him to sit down until he is excused he comes to me, puts his hand on my knee and says "Mommy, you so pretty". Then he went and sat down.
My heart melted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever heard anything so sweet? Everyone just busted out laughing, and then the jokes about how wrapped he has me, but seriously, who wouldn't be wrapped with a son who says things like that! I just had to share... The sweetest thing..