Monday, June 29, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Avery picked a very boring & plain shirt today (for her) and when I asked her why she choose that one she said it was "because she NEEDS to wear her new sandals"... And so it begins......

After not doing Avery's hair exactly as she asked, she said "Oh man! Now no one is going to play with me!" Ha!

"Oh no, you never yet go, thru the snow, and thru the nose, Oh you never yet go of me" Avery's version of "You never let go of me" Ha!

Jake's Antics

I had to try not to laugh out loud the other day... Jake just clipped his tongue with a chip clip, even though I told him NO!!!... Poor guy! He had to have a popsicle to stop the bleeding!

I don't know which is sweeter the picture Avery drew for her pediatrician or the fact that Jake was physically pushing him off of her while he was giving her shots and screaming " DON'T YOU HURT MY VIVI!!!!!"

Weekend Wedding and a New Bike

On April 18th the kids and I went to London, KY for my cousin, Jarrod's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was great to see family I don't get to see that often.
The kids played in dirt & gravel, "hunted coyotes" and thanked Jesus for "doing such a great job on the beautiful mountains" It was so cute!
One thing that constantly amazes me is seeing all of the little cousins playing together like they never missed a day. I think it is one of my favorite things about this age. They are old enough to remember each other and the only thing on their minds are playing like crazy. It is so cool how even extended family shares a bond with each other, even at early ages. I really look forward to seeing them all grow up together and hope that they will always be as close as they are now.

When we got home from Kentucky, Daddy had put together Jake's new bike..A "Speed" bike of course! KaChow!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

From the mouth of Babes

Jake just found the treasure box from his pirate ship and said

"Mommy, I found a treasure, its for you!"

I said " Thanks Buddy, May I have it?"

He said " First I have to send it to the White House!"

Ha! I swear I haven't talked to him about taxes..... but from the mouths of babes!!!!

(in interest of honesty, this happened in June, but I am way behind and had to break up boring monthly updates)


This year was different for us due to the fact my dad was in the Philippines at the time. So instead of going to my parents like usual, the family went to their respective churches and Wanda and Larry hosted us for dinner after. We had the traditional yummy food, a great Easter egg hunt and a relaxing afternoon. It was a bit chilly and windy this year, but we had a great time!

The 2nd half of our NC trip

Since we had traveled sooo far, we couldn't go home without going to see Mike's side of the family in Wilmington, NC. Wanda and Larry were visiting there for a few weeks during the winter and so it was perfect timing to see everyone. We missed Mike being there with us, but all in all, a busy albeit fun trip! We stopped by the Fire Dept. where Andrea works and got up close to the Fire Trucks, we went to the Children's Museum there, which is small, but very charming and got to see their whole family! Fun times!!!