Thursday, October 30, 2008

My First Bible Study (as an adult)

I haven't blogged in a while, but I will not bore you with excuses.
As many of you may know, we have been a perpetual hunt for the right church for our family over the past few years, attending most out of the need to be in church, not because we were really "moved" by any of them or most certainly not because we felt like it was the right place for our family. Mike would love one, be inspired, feel @ home and want to get involved, I would love another, so we would try another. On and on to the point that when we pass churches Avery can tell us which one she liked the best and ask if Pops church was "our" church. (BTW, it is and always will be. ) Feeling out of place @ every Church is not something I enjoyed and most importantly my kids really need and desire to go to the same church every week. After feeling like we had tried "every church in town" I decided to look again @ the theology of the church I have been attending MOPS. We tried it one time and we ALL loved it!!! Even Jake, and he never likes nurseries!! Yeah!
I am so excited to have found a place we can sink our teeth into. So, when the bible studies started last week, I eagerly signed up. It is FANTASTIC! Our leader is someone who has quite a following there, several ladies call themselves "Susan Junkies" they take every bible study she offers and after only one week, I know why. Our study is titled "My bathtub is overflowing, but I feel drained" referring to all of the unspeakable joy we have in our lives being mothers, wives, friends, neighbors etc, so why do I feel so drained? I am so thankful to have gone there and gotten to get involved in this wonderful study with such great women! I look forward to building friendship with them and continuing to find new and wonderful things to get involved in!

Monday, October 6, 2008


As many as you know, I have pretty strong political views. I promise I will not use this blog to express my political views @ any time, most everyone reading this already know them anyway.
What I want to talk about tonight is the push to get people to vote early.
I understand that people who are going to be out of town, college students or elderly with little access to public transportation need some extra time or help getting there. I have no issues with that.
I just think that having people go early just to "avoid long lines" and to ensure that people "Rock the Vote" is just silly to me. I believe that if you don't care enough to get up and be there @ 6am, stand in long lines, miss or be late to work, take time out of your precious day for the sake of voting for our countries leaders, any year, especially this year. Than you don't care enough.
Not only that, but I encourage everyone who reads this between now and Nov. 6th to not only go and vote on Nov. 6th, but what if we all took our kids? I have taken Avery and Jake every year, and they really love it. I just tell them that it is important to vote, every time you get the opportunity. They love watching mom "push all the buttons" and talking to all of the people working the polls.
Ok, no more lecturing, I just couldn't resist as I watched the news tonight and they were telling us all of the places we could go & vote starting mid-October.
Thanks for putting up with me on this, I will try not to "bog" down the blog with politics. Its early though, so I'm not promising anything!

1000 Hits!!!

Whoo Hooo! We have over 1000 hits now!! Who knew? I am sure that most of them have been my mom, but oh well! I feel sooo Popular! HAHAHA! I just wanted to update that!