Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feburary Fun...

Feburary was pretty uneventful for us, some nice days were mixed in with all of the snow and cold we were having. We went to the Bounce Zone with friends, spent alot of time at the gym, trying to "get healthy" as the kids say and had lots of Birthday parties to attend. Including Jake's. These pics are of the kids with their Valentine from Daddy, Jake playing his guitar, Avery pretending to be like Mommy and the kiddos smiling for Daddy's Valentine picture frame. Daddy wouldn't pose for a picture with his Valentine's gift.. I had tshirts made for us both mine saying "I love my husband" and his saying " I love my wife". He wears it proudly around the house, I can't imagine why he hasn't worn it outside of the house yet? He is a cheesy guy, but apparently not that cheesy! HA!

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