Friday, July 3, 2009

Daddy's son

Last Christmas we were looking at the Fisher Price catalog and Jake's obsession started with motorized vehicles. He wanted the Lightning McQueen Speed race car soo badly and didn't understand why he couldn't have it RIGHT NOW! It was annoying yes, but at 2 1/2 it is hard to explain that you just don't go buy what you want, and it was too much money to spend on a car for a 2 year old. Not to mention the fact that it only rides one child. But also pretty sweet, because he really connects with "Speed" and thinks he is his best friend.

Common sense just did not work. So, when garage sale season started, I put the 2 best shoppers I know on notice... I need a motorized vehicle STAT!!!

We did not end up with the Lightning McQueen vehicle, but we have something to drive and he is Thrilled! They take their "kids" to the grocery, DisneyLand, drs. appointments, and of course to work! Good times had by all!!!

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